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Brasserie la Bouquine

Brasserie la Bouquine
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Brewery craft of the Marne located in Cormontreuil.

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Graduate of aeronautics, Mathieu has always liked to meet in friendly and festive places to share good times and relax. This is how he first opened three bars in the city of Reims. Amateur of good mousses, he decides to elaborate a recipe which corresponds to him and after a formation of brewer, he opens his brewery in 2012 in Verzenay (near Reims).

With naturally flavored beers, with no chemical, unfiltered, unpasteurized beers, we have a natural beer in our glass that promises exquisite flavors thanks to Benjamin's desire to extract hops aromas as much as possible.

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Reference: Bouquine-wayfarermeursault75

Brand: Brasserie la Bouquine

La Bouquine Way Farer (Meursault) 75cl

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Schwarzes Bier, das 18 Monate lang in einem Fass aus roter Bourguignon-Eiche im Meursault-Sektor gereift ist. Sehr rundes Bier mit holzigen Aromen, geröstet und feinen Vanillenoten.

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